PROJECT SUMMARY The project explores the connections between Serbian and Austrian culture, elements in contemporary visual expressions and the relationship between the traditional and the modern in the 21st century, in technique of black and white film. Photos made during his stay will be presented at the exhibition that will take place in Zemun, Serbia in the first quarter of 2022, with the support of the local gallery and artistic community

The project strengthens the common ties and through a visual story speaks about the similarities that connect both Austrian and Serbian culture, but also through the camera lens shares the perspective of a young man, the artist, on the phenomenon of common culture and the identity in times of global aspirations and digital media. Idea is reinventing and repurposing of old and finding its place in the 21st century.



September 2021 - January 2022


PROJECT SUMMARY From saddle to saddle project follows journey on two different kinds of trusted steeds. Riding motorcycles have been a longtime passion and my life devotion on exploring the world on two wheels. Horse riding is a newly discovered interest I've been pursuing for past year.

Since Covid-19 changed our everyday life, demand for social distance, limitation on traveling abroad, all together made me consider different kind of perspective and mine emerged from behind of different saddle than I've used. I embraced it and honestly enjoyed it. This is how inspiration for this project was born.

I try to answer how does my black and white world look like from this two kinds of saddles and to share personal story on exploring distances in miles, kilometers and years.




November 2020 - July 2022


PROJECT SUMMARY Following the tale of Europe's second largest river, I'm telling the story about  Capitals on the banks of Danube: Belgrade, Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna.



2018 - ongoing