Photographer: Dusan Ninkovic

Dusan Ninkovic known as Dusan V-Rock 

Slowing down time has become a life philosophy I study through more than 50 years old shutters and lenses.
My passion for analog photography subtly developed from a random encounter one summer afternoon in 2015 and it matched and complemented my life devotion on exploring the world on two weels. Together it created a unique path I follow, the alchemy on how to slow down passing of the time.

I fight time with grains and try to conquer everchanging world of digital with patience, capturing life moments in frames on 35mm, freezing them in time.

I'm born in 1988, in Belgrade Serbia. I've got my degree in digital arts from Chiron Creative Academy in 2011, persuing career in 3D modelling and character design. After few years runing V Rock Creative Initiative with a crew of traditional and digital artists, working toghether on commercial and artistic projects, I reoriented my path toward photography that imperceptibly grew from hobby to passion and the life call.




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