Sanya Celebon, V-Rock Design lead artist had some great colaboration with Open Studio in 2015 and did some great commercials for several companies.

Game character

Character for the game

HOPA game concept
Telecommunication commercial
Flavored water commercial
Energy drink commercial
Character for commercial for children’s food
Male character for a game
Sci-fi base
Game concept
Cyber car
Little Italy project

“Post card” from Little Italy 3d project

Sci – fi game scene

Giscard choice – Concept for Sci-fi game – 3D modeling and overpaint

Victoria Poison

Victoria Poison website and webshop. We proud to be even small part of such successful project such as Victoria Poison Shop.

Orianna Couture

Orianna Couture website.

Go Beyond Usual

Go Beyond Usual is motorcycle tour and rental agency from Serbia.

Old Room – Game concept

3D model and overpaint job for game concept

Orianna Couture

Business cards for Orianna Couture.

About Us

LogoVrOCK2-300x225V Rock Agency grew out from V Rock Design, team of several gifted digital artists, to a studio that offers full service to verity of clients and their designing needs.  The spectrum of our services ranges from classic services like web and graphic design, through 3D modeling for gaming and movie industry, up to whole new skill sets emerging from latest technologies, like modeling for the 3D printing.

Unique concept of V Rock Agency enables providing highest quality service to different companies but individuals, as well. Guidelines that inspired V Rock Design team remained the same as we grew and we relay on it: "Our vision is (still) rather simple. We approach each project individually and each client is given due attention.  Every project that comes out is unique and entirely devoted particular customer." Our horizons have expanded but our devotion on client needs and wishes remained same as ever.

V Rock Agency gathers young talented artist to provide complete service to any client. 3D, web and graphic designers, concept artists, photographers, social media experts, writers, animators... are gathered under V Rock name in order to fulfill any creative need our clients have.

We are always looking for new clients but also for partners. V Rock Agency offers outsourcing services, subcontracting and many more. Feel free to contact us regarding any type of cooperation.

V Rock Web Design

V Rock Web Design is part of V Rock Agency specialized in designing of websites, web shops and various web presentations.

We offer diversity of websites for every client, from corporate clients in demand of large web systems, to individuals in need of custom personalized web presentation.
Appreciating individualism and artistic expressions, we have prepared special packages for artists and artistic workshops where we offer full service of web design. In this package we offer services of consulting and development of best solution for specific case, hosting service and creation of website and web shop.

Feel free to contact us with any idea, we offer free consulting about your project.

V Rock Graphic Design

V Rock Graphic Design is specialized in graphic solutions. From business cart to billboard, we offer verity of  graphic design services. Logo design, all kind of paper material design: business cards, flyers, posters, book cover design, brochures, leaflets, membership cards, diplomas, certificates, banners, package design, labels design, invitations editorials, product catalogs, fashionbooks, filpbooks...many many more.

We offer also services of professional photography in cooperation with best photographers, and photo editing services as well as a part of our project, but separately as well.

Feel free to contact us with any idea, we offer free consulting about your project.

V Rock 3D

V Rock Design offers all kinds of services in 3D design and modelling. Our specialty is a character design for games and advertisement but also we do hard surface 3D modeling, organic modeling, architectural visualization, industrial design modelling and, lately very popular, modelling for 3D printing.


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